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Themoedge System Ltd supplying innovative solutions and services to emergency services customers from the Military, Civil Contingencies, Fire Department, and Homeland security, commercial & Industrial originations.We are providing emergency rapid response communication Service with vehicles based wireless solution.In the recent decades, with the economy booming, There are emergency situations that threaten people’s lives and also pose a big threat to the constant growth, with our automatic cell planning (ACP) tool equipped vehicles we provide our secure system of communications to our customer to be prepared for every eventuality, and that will enable the emergency services to cope effectively,no matter whatever challenge is, with extensive technical expertise across a wide variety of wireless communication, we are confident to help our customers when they are operating in the most remote locationsand under the most challenging conditions. We offer a complete range of supply and design solutions capable of meeting the most complex needs. We also understand the issues faced by our customers. By meeting these challenges, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering a comprehensive range of value added services that are designed to enhance both customer’s productivity and efficiency.
Quality, reliability and simplicity... Themoedge products with cutting edge technology at their core are at the forefront of wireless communication technologies. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, an expert team has developed the full ranges of IP Network based products, to support our customers when they are operating in the most challenging conditions.
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