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COFDM Portable Video Transmit System

The Themoedge Transmitter is a feature-rich COFDM digitalvideo transmitter. The transmitter can operate in a variety of transmission bandwidths allowing the user to trade off image quality against range to suite all types of missions.It is a feature-rich COFDM digital video transmitter with a variety of transmission bandwidths, ideal for establishing rugged wireless video links.
The transmitter has domo technology at its core and is ideal for establishing rugged wireless video links in all environments including mobile and urban environments. Security is ensured with built-in 32 bit ABS encryption or, for greater security, AES128/256 bit encryption is also available, subject to export controls. The transmitter is available in a variety of frequency bands from 300MHz to 5.9GHz.
The Themoedge—MicroVue Receive Case is a briefcase receiver/recorder package for tactical video surveillance operations. Additionally, it can be used as a remote video receiver for UAV and UGV applications.An 8.4” colour LCD screen is mounted in the lid, while a comprehensive touch screen control panel is supplied for control and set up.
The MicroVue has domo technology at its core and is supplied with AC, DC and internal battery power. For unusual installations, the internal antennae and down-converters can be bypassed and external ones fitted instead. As standard, the MicroVue is supplied without a recorder, but can optionally be fitted with an FFV based hard disk recorder, or an alternative (available on request).
Comprehensive Demodulation 8 / 7 / 6 / 2.5 and 1.25MHz (optional);Maximum Ratio Combining antenna diversity for fade and multipath elimination;Lid mounted antennae;8.4’’ colour monitor in lid;Built in telemetry radio and PTZ control panel for remote camera control;110V and 240V AC, DC and internal battery operation;Batteries recharged internally;Internal recorders available as options;Comprehensive on Screen Display (OSD) diagnostics for link analysis, including spectrum analyzer;5.5” touch screen in base for device configuration;Headphone output;Internal AES 128 or 256 encryption;Optional FFV based hard disk recorder with playback routed back to lid monitor

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