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Finder F5

Any object when its temperature is higher than absolute zero, infrared rays are radiated outward. Rugged automatic operation, in accordance with the actual design features, both in smoke or in harsh environments in a dark environment, FINDER F5 imager can help frontline combatants hands free, quickly find and rescue people trapped, rapid evacuation fire danger . Almost makes FINDER F5 can meet a variety of different applications.
Fire can be quickly found by looking for the source of fire flames and smoke, you can also find a variety of fire exits in complex environments, found trapped. Even in total darkness the various fire scene or very complex environments can quickly find a variety of channels, find and save lives. Can also be used for a variety of emergency civildefense, chemical accidents, especially to better play its irreplaceable role in the subways, airports, docks, storage of dangerous goods, oil cans and other occasions in the accident. Greatly improving the efficiency of the fire, the disposal of all kinds of emergencies and ability to save lives and reduce the cost of fire suppression, but also to protect the soldier's own security.

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