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Future F6

Future F6 Helmet unique perspective is a type of infrared camera can be displayed empty call visor As part of the internal thermal imager product, and is a function of a set of multiple fire helmet, empty call, thermal maging, communications and other multifunctional thermal imager product, the product weighs less than 3.2 kg, the weight is reasonable, easy to operate. Using highresolution thermal sensing detector can help combatants hands free fast rescue people trapped in the smoke of the fire. The internal surface of transparent optical display screen can be done through the first perspective can be imaged, while not affecting the combatants do not block the normal vision and normal vision, can help firefighters to complete operational tasks and tactical action.
Future F6 Product Features:
Available through smoke, mist, chemical aerosol, dust, darkround observation;Transparent seethrough display is located inside the mask, do not block the combatants normal perspective, does not affect the environmental observations; Seethrough display can be up and down, back and forth, left and right to adjust to meet the needs of any face and IPD.Startup time of less than 3 seconds;Above 150 ° C object recognition red alarm;Battery power level display, the object temperature display; Observation distance of up to 150m, provides an intuitive black and white image, a unique virtual prism system;Communication can be connected to any part of the walkietalkie;Battery operating time up to 8 hours;Thermal imaging core using 320 × 240 detectors; Detachable seethrough display, instant noodles screen cleanup;With video output interfaces, with universal video output interface, can be connected with a portable image transmission equipment.
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