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Holik International s.r.o. was founded in 1993 in Czech. In Germany and the United States has a branch office in the world, with offices. The company's aim is to produce safe and efficient personal protective equipment for firefighters. Focus on the protection of personal protective equipment for fire fighting equipment, fire fighting gloves, rescue gloves, fire fighting protective boots and rescue boots research and production has been 23 years of experience and practice. At present the company product chain to fire, rescue, military, police, hunting and other fields of fashion, which fire protective gloves nearly 70 balance, rescue more than 10 fire protective gloves,10 kind of boots, a type rescue boots , the company's technology and crafts in the world leading level, products by firefighters from around the world favor. In Europe, there is a wide range of needs and awareness. Research on product design and follow the measurement system from human engineering as the foundation, all products are listed after the European firefighters and leading experts in this field to develop research and testing, each of the products are based on custom and improved end user feedback for special protection, so the product has a strong combat. Perfect structure guide, comfortable and flexible experience, all products have good protection, waterproof, breathable and other properties, to meet the requirements of the most demanding environment. And with the production management system of strict inspection and Holik International s.r.o. , using self-developed design of the world's most advanced waterproof breathable membrane test equipment factory products are breathable film inspection strictly, to ensure maximum integrity of each pair of gloves with waterproof breathable membrane in the factory.

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